Friday, May 3, 2013


Books! is a poster created by Aleksandr Rodchenko.  Rodchenko was one of the leading artists in the post-revolutionary era. In this 1924 poster, Rodchenko combines the two media in an image that is mechanical and linear.  In the poster the text are in big block letters, is clear and legible. The photograph of a woman who appears to be calling out the Russian word for “books” is Lilya Brik, a fellow member of the Constructivist circle. The constructivist circle was a group a group of artists set out to reconceive the role of art in society. This is what I like about art, that it can make a political statement.  

Here is a picture of Lilya Brik:

Here is more about Aleksandr Rodchenko:

Here is more about Constructivists group:


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