Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mel Chin's WMD

I admit that my obsession with mobile homes was the original reason for picking Mel Chin's W.M.D (my dream is to own a silver bullet like the one Jaye has in Wonderfalls), but after some research I learned the Mel Chin and his Winged Mobile Domicile was more than just a quaint nod to the American classic RV.

Mel Chin and a group of his student artists built the W.M.D after President Bush's inspectors failed to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in 2004. The vehicle was designed to look like the missiles allegedly being stored in Iraq; however, the missile shaped mobile home is used as a Warehouse of Mass Distribution and was used in Houston, TX to distribute free food, clothes, and literacy resources to help people in need. An object originally used to strike fear into people, Chin created the W.M.D to perform as a literal peace keeper rather than the missal used to destroy countries.

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