Thursday, May 2, 2013

Barbara Kreuger Your Gaze Hits The Side of My Face

In Barbara Kreuger’s Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face, Kreuger equates the american society to one where consumerism takes precedent over social respect and equality, particularly in the case of women. By the idea of a man’;s gaze having a role in society, and even being a practice which a man is seen only as normal and heterosexual should he perform it, it makes women, the object of said gaze seem only to act and exist at the mercy of the man’s whim and display of attraction (the gaze). Essentially, what Kreuger asserts is that we have become a consumerist culture to the extent that the consumerism has infiltrated itself into our lives much more than only in the marketing and artificial so to speak consumer world, but into our mindset about human relationships with other humans as opposed to materials which do not possess the same human qualities which we do.

Kreuger’s ability to express this all through one piece is pretty remarkable, especially given its simplicity. This can be credited in some ways to her use of traditional artistic signs, for example the black and white photo paired with the bold framing  around the text. kreuger puts emphasis on the words and sets the photo at a point to be analyzed.

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