Monday, April 29, 2013

Yinka ShonibareMBE , How to Blow Up Two Heads at Once (Ladies), 2006

 Yinka ShonibareMBE , How to Blow Up Two Heads at Once (Ladies), 2006
two life-size fiberglass mannequins, two guns, Dutch wax printed cotton, shoes, leather riding boots

When I was looking at the power points this is the picture that caught my eye. Not really because it was so different but because I had to stop and look at it to see what it was and what was really happening here. And even then, my mind did not just see it literally for what it was, I automatically saw what was behind it. I saw a gun in each hand and no head, I went straight to the title, how to blog up two heads at once. There could be a story behind this, betrayal, craziness, hatred, or figuratively heads blowing up at the extent of another. I also love that this was completely well done, down to the guns and the cloth, the prints and everything. It is so intricate and real.

Id like to contrast this art piece which sets me back in the days with the leather boots and long  cotton dutch dresses with the new pop music of this year. Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Shakira and many others were the popular artists of this time and I think that it is cool that in such a modern day the art that was produced reflected the past.

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