Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cold Mountain

4/8/13: “Cold Mountain” by Bryce Marden
This piece marks the beginning of a journey as well as a beginning for his set of six masterpieces known as the Cold Mountain series.  In this piece, both his artistic journey from monochromatic, multi-panel beeswax paintings and his journey towards the elegant glyphs seen in the Cold Mountain series.  The painting receives its name from the book containing the works of a 6th or 8th century Chinese poet.  It combines both imagery and calligraphy using the image of the poem as a skeleton.  The artist drew inspiration from a picture of Matisse working on drawings for a chapel.  His idea was that by distancing one’s self from the painting, one becomes more close to it because even the tiniest stroke made shows.  The work as a whole pays respect to Jackson Pollock’s style of “drawing into painting”, and when prompted, Marden responded that “One of the things I wanted to do in these Cold Mountain paintings was to lose myself in the same way that I lose myself when I am drawing.”  The work is statement of transformation, both fro the artist in his style of thought and art, but also the transformation of the work words to form.
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Hanshan, or “Cold Mountain”:

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