Friday, May 3, 2013

Balloon Dog (Blue)

Jeff Koons is fantastic because he has really been able to play into the culture now of modern art. Not simply by appealing to other audiences of artists and critics, but putting all of his effort into pleasing his consumer. Art buying has formed a culture of its own now days. People have an entire range of prices and styles to buy from, and Koons has taken advantage of the fact that many people who are interested in buying art are buying it with the intention of impressing others, or showing off their wealth, or even just as a recognized way of making conversation. From that emerged Balloon Dog. It is on the surface a somewhat simple play on something that many people experienced as a child, but put into a large, shiny piece of adult art. In some ways it seems like a mix between something that could be found in a preschool and something found in a pawn shop. However, Koons has made it his own signature and as a result made something that those who do look to art for the social aspects of it flock to. Because of its signature appeal, it stands in both the art and commercial world. Interestingly enough, for Jeff Koons, the real art he creates may be less in the material and more in the profit aspect of his success.

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