Friday, May 3, 2013

Marshall Field Wholesale Store

Marshall Field Wholesale Store was a commercial warehouse building designed by Henry Hobson Richardson. Modern architecture is said to have emerged in the United States by this building. Richardson achieved an effect of monumental mass and stability. Richardson did not focus on historical designs or architecture traditions; he demonstrated that a large commercial building could be expressed as a single integrated unit. Not all buildings must contain a symbolic meaning, especially when the purpose is just business. The windows are contained by massive Romanesque arches, which give the impression of having four levels, but in fact there are seven floors and a sunken basement. Marshall Field and Company closed the building in 1930 after the opening of the Merchandise Mart, then the world's largest building, which consolidated all company wholesale business under a single roof.

This is a picture of the Merchandise Mart building, responsible for putting an end of the Marshall Field Wholesale Store:


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