Thursday, May 2, 2013

Inside Look

4/10/13: “Interior Scroll” by Carolee Schneemann
Body Art was an idea that utilized the freedom of Performance Art to adopt whatever material or medium that the artist chose to implement into his work.  It often times forced an intimacy between the artist and the viewer that was at times shocking, amusing, or even poetic.  Its emergence in the late 1960’s ushered in an era of expression in which repressed thoughts and feelings were expressed through the body.  In particular, women artist used their bodies to express fears, emotions, and sexual feelings.  Such examples are illustrated in this work by Schneemann.   The work itself shows Schneemann nude standing on a table unrolling a scroll that had previously been inserted into her extremities.  She read the scroll, which detailed an encounter she had had with a filmmaker who had told her that fine art avoided such graphic subject matter.  Through this work, Schneeman was able to prove the filmmaker wrong and express her life and the experience of being a woman that was independent of any symbols connected to being male.  She obviously didn’t like being told no.
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