Thursday, May 2, 2013

Big Details

4/12/13: “Linda” by Chuck Close
In this work, Close utilizes photorealism in order to achieve the kind of quality that combines the details and accuracy of the photograph with the artist’s eye and interpretation of the subject.  The technique has been described as focusing and highlighting the tension between traditional and innovative forms of art media.  The paintings were initially decried by critics as being too literal, as the paintings were made from an initial photograph.  Using the grid, which had been used by painters for centuries, close managed to recreate the photo onto a larger canvas while also making sure that the most minute details had been added into the painting.  He specifically used friends and family, displaying them in such a manner that all their imperfections were displayed but presented in an almost heroic manner.  The subject of the painting was author Linda Rosenkrantz, who wrote several books on naming babies.  She was chosen along with Close’s other subjects because they represented the average person.  Ironically, each of them has grown famous for the statements that each makes, imperfect but immortalized.
Interview with the artist on his style:
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Bio on Chuck Close:
Overview on photorealism:

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