Thursday, May 2, 2013

Anish Kapoor, Cloud Gate (2004-2006)

Anish Kapoor, Cloud Gate (2004-2006) 

This iconic image in Chicago is known all over the U.S. as "The Bean." Chicago is known for this beautiful art piece. It is in the AT&T plaza in Millennium Park. The way that this sculpture was made reflects the cities skyline and distorts the landscape. I love the way it is designed, it is not just a sculpture it is an icon. It is a great tourist attraction, you can walk around and even under it and it is a great place for photographs from the distortion the sculpture offers. It was also said to be inspired by liquid mercury. 

The artist had a different look on his sculpture. He removed his signature and any other remains of "traces of hand." Kapoor wanted his work to look perfect and like it was something he was revealing rather than created, leaving the audience wondering where it came from. 

This sculpture was used in many films such as The Break-Up, Source Code, and the Vow. Artists,  Kanye West and Coldplay also used it in one of their videos. I love this sculpture because it is not only an amazing art piece but it is known worldwide and loved by people other than art critics. 

I want to someday be able to visit Chicago and take one of my own tourist photos in front of this magnificent sculpture.

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