Thursday, May 2, 2013

Catherine by Sean Scully (1989)

Looking at this, there is not really much to see, but in some way somehow, I put it together, and it make so much sense to me.

Looking at this Moroccan attire made me think of the painting. It is said that this is where the artist was inspired by the stripes for the very first time.
Back to the initial piece, it is as it is telling a story.

Personally, I think it is a very abstract painting, and it is open for a very wide interpretation, but I have realized that in order to fully understand the work; one would have to go beyond the title of the work to see why, when and how it was created.

Looking at this specific work and other works; it is a little easier to draw a line that describes this relationship between the painting and the painter, not to forget the emotions.

A whole series of paintings where called Catherine in honor to the painter's wife called Catherine Lee, and they chose which ones of them really resembled something significant. 

See this video:


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