Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lard Can be Sexy


“Lipstick Display” by Janine Antoni

What’s interesting about this piece is that its creation is actually caused from another piece of art, so some background will be given.  Previously, Antoni had two giant 600 lb slabs of both lard and chocolate created called “Gnaw” and in a public display, ate so much of it that she induced vomiting.  This was an act of protest to mimic and cause bulimia to come to mind, showing the great lengths that women will go to attain beauty.  She also commented that since lard is reminiscent of fat, which females typically have in higher concentrations than men, the work was actually somewhat cannibalistic.  From the discharge, she created elegant lipstick trays that once again made a statement.  She seems to be saying that not only will women go to great lengths to be beautiful, but that beauty is often attained through pain, and corporate commercialism seems to capitalize on that.  Her style often uses her body or the workings of her body to create artwork, so in a way she could also be seen as a Body artist.  We can see from her work that she stands as another strong example of femininity that is based on the derailing stereotypes of women.

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