Friday, May 3, 2013

Villa Savoye

Villa Savoye a house designed by Le Corbusier. The house was originally built as a country retreat on behest of the Savoye family. This is a three-bedroom house, beautifully sited in an open field, is almost a square in plan, with the upper living area supported on delicate piers.  Le Corbusier is considered one of the most influential architects of the 20th century. He is credited with changing the face of urban architecture, bringing it into the technological age. In 1923 Le Corbusier wrote: “The house is a machine for living in.” This was a radically new view.

 Le Corbusier had five points to new Architecture.
1)      The supports – PILOTIS – elevating the mass off the ground
2)      The free plan- the interior wall independent of the support system can be arranged in a free plan
3)      The free façade, the corollary of the free plan in the vertical plane
4)      The long horizontal sliding window
5)      The flat roof or roof garden, restoring, supposedly, the area of ground covered by the house.

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