Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Little People


"Homeless Projection: The Soldiers and Sailors Civil War Memorial” by Krzysztof WodiczkWodiczko has created this awesome ode to the meek and helpless in his projection.  His style is one that attaches site specificity to both bodies and places by placing them onto prominent buildings.  By doing this, he is urging viewers to take into account the effect we have on other peoples’ lives through modernism and urban development.  The people he places onto his buildings are ones who have been displaced by the effects of social development (namely homeless people), giving them an ethereal quality and making them so large that they can’t be avoided.  By giving them this importance, he suggests that these people are not a problem or threat to society, but rather people just as important as any skyscraper or building in the biggest city.  I really like the kindness and consideration he’s given to other people as well as the value on human life.  For the first time in a while, an artist has put the mirror down and really put effort into recognizing and helping other people rather than themselves, which is really something special.
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