Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lucy Angry


“Untitled Film Still#35” by Cindy Sherman

This work features the artist, who has created a series of on frame stills that are often series as “one frame movies”.  Each one of the still Sherman has created are complete with props and scenery and depict the artist in a variety of stereotypical female roles that appeared in both the 1950s and 60’s.  She depicts many different types, ranging from housewives to playboy models.  In these pictures, she explores the idea that women can’t exist outside the images that have been created for them from society and the world at large.  By doing so, she allows us to question our reliance on images and how we let them have power over us.  She does this in many ways, showing that careful manipulation of how she creates the image and certain details that are altered can create feelings of anxiety, confidence, or overt sexuality.  It’s kind of cool how she takes the traditional images that we know like I Love Lucy and gives them a twist that causes our assumptions about the world to be questioned.  By seemingly going along with the images the world has created for women, Sherman has made a statement that could not be more different.

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